What do you do when you realize you were dumped by an asshat (and it…

I just realized today that the guy who dumped me a week ago is a jackass. And I'm not saying that because he dumped me (though it really doesn't endear him to me) - it's because being out of the affection haze makes me realize that I wasted a couple months on a guy who, quite frankly, was kind of a douchebag. How? » 4/13/14 6:58pm Sunday 6:58pm

Faking It: New MTV show about best friends pretending to be lesbians

The reason for faking their relationship? Popularity. The trailer shows how the girls start to get noticed when a popular gay student invites the pair to his party and outs them to the whole school. Then the girls run for homecoming queens and make out to help bolster their campaign. To make things more complicated,… » 4/09/14 9:07pm 4/09/14 9:07pm

Getting back together? NEED THE WISDOM OF THE HIVEMIND

I opened an email last night, that email that all dumped people secretly hope to receive someday, in which the dumper expresses regret for the breakup. As many of you know, my ex dumped me five weeks ago and I took it pretty hard. He was my first serious boyfriend and I blamed myself for losing him. He seemed so… » 12/04/13 11:54am 12/04/13 11:54am